Street Murals – Top 10 Best To See In Puerto Plata

Hello Travelers!

Firstly, August has arrived with amazing hot sunny days. Enjoy it wisely, keep hydrated, and make sure to go out and enjoy the many offers that our town has for you! (if you want more clues, check out our past blogs).

Secondly, One of the things I most enjoy when traveling is to see Street art, Street Murals are awesome. Murals provide a beautiful display in places that otherwise would have been an empty and dirty wall. Remember to check out our previous post, Places for kids in Puerto Plata.

I also think you can discover a lot of “inner culture” by trying to understand the local art.

Puerto Plata has certainly taken the attention of many Dominican artists, who decided to give their work to our community. Artists by themselves, private groups and companies, and community organizations are doing their efforts by providing their economic and “hand-painting” cooperation to increase those murals.


Street Mural Campaigns

Street Murals

A group called “Yo AMO RD” started this mural campaign called “Muralizando RD.” As per their own terms: It is an initiative of moral art (making Street Murals), to capture murals throughout the National territory that arouses the consciousness of Dominicans.

“We rely on the creativity of the most talented artists, to promote artistic and cultural values of the Dominican essence, revitalizing common spaces and making them functional places dedicated to art. Above all, that can positively affect the environment and change the perception of the passer-by and the Dominican Republic’s face.”

“Muralizando RD” creates illustrations that seek to connect all citizens, with our history, traditions, and values to strengthen the power of the Dominican.

Today i invite you to join me on a scavenger hunt in search of MY favorite murals around the city. Don’t worry, if you don’t get to find them all, or don’t feel like playing, i will write down the exact location at the end of the blog. After that, I dare you to write a comment with other Murals in town that you prefer the most, apart from my list. So, let’s start.



Doña Patria by Omar Garcia aka Angurria

Street Murals

One of the most famous street murals, Doña Patria. Scavenger hunt hint:  This wall is full of Dominican Cigar smoke.

The painter is originally from Santo Domingo. With his Advertising career at APEC that made him start his work in plastic arts and graphic designer.

The mural is a tribute to the Dominican women influenced by his mother’s business a Beauty center. (It is a common habit for Dominicans to go once per week to the beauty parlor. In there we not only embellish the hair but it works as a social gathering and interaction, you can learn a lot of what is happening around town inside the beauty centers).



Street Murals – “Acordeón”  by Kilia Llano

Street Murals

Another of our great Street Murals, Acordeón. Scavenger hunt hint:  Driving from oceanic avenue towards the university, where you can always buy fresh coconut water.

Kilia is a Fine Artist, muralist, illustrator and art teacher, who was born in Santo Domingo.

From my interpretation, i defined it as a tribute to the Typical Merengue, that is one of its main instrument is the accordion.



“DAMAS” (I was not able to confirm the name)  by Alberto Khoury

Street Murals

Damas, certainly a beautiful one. Scavenger hunt hint:  in front of the “skin “clinic”.

This artist was born in Puerto Plata. He was an active worker in the community to promote the fine arts, ceramics, and Puerto Plata’s Carnival.

From my interpretation, this mural is a tribute to society ladies in Puerto Plata in the earlier 1900s.


Street Murals – “Homenaje a Severino” By Willy Gomez.

Street Murals

Homenaje a Severino, another very interesting work of art. Scavenger hunt hint:  This Wall embraces one of the most crucial university in town. Moreover, the painter is originally from Santo Domingo. He majored in Art Direction and Illustration from Altos de Chavon School of design.

The Mural is a tribute to one of the most prominent painters in DR called Severino. Gómez tried to focus on Severino’s painting style, adding glimpses of his style.


“Patrimonio” (I was not able to confirm the name) by Juan Miguel Ruiz aka Memo

Street Murals

Patrimonio, another great street art. Scavenger hunt hint: At the beginning of the oceanic drive, use to be a famous beach back in the 60’s. Memo is originally from Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo. Autodidact artist.

In additi0n, the mural represents the touristic patrimonial in town: Teleférico, and aquatic activities. (Must things to do while in Puerto Plata).


“Madre” (I was not able to confirm name) by Wady Ortega

Street Murals

Scavenger hunt hint: located in front of one of the above’s murals. This painter is originally from Puerto Plata.

From my interpretation, it certainly shows our Isabel de Torres mountain as a background. And the main character, Mother Nature  enjoying Puerto Plata’s bright sun while her hair becomes the waves of our beaches.


“Reina del Atlántico” (I was not able to confirm name) by Juan Villaman

Street Murals

Scavenger hunt hint: This Wall embraces one of the most crucial university in town.

This painter is originally from Puerto Plata.    And this mural represents some of the iconic symbols for our town:  Victorian houses,  Fuerte San Felipe,  Taimascaros and cayenne flower.


“Descubrimiento” ( I was no able to confirm name) by Gerson Ureña

Street Murals

Scavenger hunt hint: in front of the “red uniform officers” park.

The painter is native from Puerto Plata and got his artistic education at CHAVON Art school.  He is now living in Germany.

This mural shows Christopher Colombus’ arrival to the America’s. The first arrival was to La Isabela, Puerto Plata (by the way, another MUST place to visit).


Street Murals – Recicla Por Natura by Lidisset Reyes

Street Murals

Scavenger hunt hint: Historical area in town, on the Street that crosses from Casa 40 to Pachuche (by the way, those are two great places to visit).

The painter is originally from Puerto Plata. With formal studies in Advertising, Cinematography, Graphic Design, Muralist and Visual Artist.

This Mural represents the conjunction of Mother Nature (Pachamama goddess) and humans protecting each other. And also reinforce the need for recycling to protect nature.



Street Murals – “Esperanza”  by Prolactar

Street Murals

Similarly to the previous ones, this one is a great Street Mural, quite artistic. Scavenger hunt hint: its walls embrace one the children educational organizations in town.

The mural was done in a combination of Prolactar (design) and the school organization (It’s execution. The art includes all the stages of the child, from the conception, birth, breastfeeding, education until grown-up. This mural goal is to promote breastfeeding as the best option for babies and also promote education based on high values, all together to help the kid’s development.

Those are my ten favorite ones. I hope you get to find them with my hints. If you wish, you can also help the organizations doing this MEGA labor. Either economical or just bringing a warm painting hand. Links to those organizations are listed below, along with the actual addresses of them, in case you were not able to follow my hints.

In conclusion, Keep enjoying my beautiful town!!


Events And Things To Do In July 2019 In Puerto Plata

Now for the Fun Part, as always, here the activities and things to do in Puerto Plata for AUGUST 2019.

Furthermore, don’t stay at your hotel or home, and join the folk to enjoy and understand more of our fun and high culture!

  • Firstly, Every Day – POP CINEMAS at Playa Dorada Plaza – Movies
  • Secondly, Every Thursday – Live Saxo Music at Casa 40 – From 8:00 PM
  • Every Thursday and Saturday – Live Music at Green Jack – From 8:00 PM
  • Also, Every Friday – Karaoke and Great Ambiance at VITT’s (Umbrella street) – From 9:00 PM
  • Every Saturday: Sosua Artisan Market at Park las Flores, Sosua. From 4-10 PM
  • Every Thursday and Saturday – Live Music at Green Jack – From 8:00 PM
  • Every Sunday – Peña del Cigar (Cigar smoking club) at Green Jack – From 11:00 AM
  • Saturday, August 3rd – 3 pm – Mercadillo summer vibes at Umbrella’s Street.
  • Saturday, August 3rd –  8 PM – Theatrical play “BIANTO y SU SEÑOR” at Teatro Ivan Garcia.
  • Moreover, Saturday August 10th – 8 PM – FRANCISCO CESPEDES Contert at Centro Convenciones de Blue Jack Tar.
  • Thursday, August 15th – 8 PM – Bohemian night with  BRETTON at Vitt’s (Umbrella’s Street).
  • Friday, August 16th – 7:30 PM – Theatrical play “ RECOGIDA FUNNY 1” at Teatro Ivan Garcia.
  • Also, Friday August 16th – 8:45 PM – Theatrical play “ DIFERIENTE” at Teatro Ivan Garcia.
  • Finally, Saturday August 31st – 8:30 PM – Diomary la Mala at Vitt’s (Umbrella’s Street).

Thank you so much for following our blog! If you enjoyed it, please like, share, and comment on it. Until the next one!!



 Street Murals – Addresses

To sum up, here we have the Addresses:

  1. Doña Patria  by Angurria –  Calle Sanchez no. 5 – POP Cigar Lounge Wall.
  2. Acordeón by Kilia Llano – Calle Padre Castellano esquina Sánchez
  3. Damas by Alberto Khoury – Calle Sánchez esquina Padre Castellano.
  4. Homenaje a Severino by Willy Gomez – Calle Sanchez.  PUCMM University Wall.
  5. Patrimonio by MEMO –  Long beach area Wall.
  6. Madre by Wady Ortega – Calle Padre Castellano esquina Sánchez
  7. Reina del Atlántico by Juan Villaman – Calle Sanchez. PUCMM University Wall.
  8. Descubrimiento by Gerson Ureña – Calle Emilio Prud’home in front of Fire Fighters park.
  9. Recicla por Natura by Lidisset Reyes – Calle Imbert in front of the Cristal Pharmacy parking area.
  10. ESPERANZA by Prolactar –  Ave Manolo Tavares . Casita de Alexia Wall.


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Finally, special thanks to Allen Campos and Maki Ventura for their research help with artists.


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