Mega Adventures

It was the year 1994 when, like curious tourists, Andrés (Spanish) and his wife Anette (Danish) arrived at this half-island attracted by rumors of its exuberance, beaches, sun, and happy people, and without hesitating, they settled in beautiful Puerto Plata.

After touring several places with different guides, without thinking twice, they decided to set up their own business and founded the Topacio Travel company.
With vast experience in the business and over the years, Topacio was demanding much more from them, and when 2014 arrived, they found the true Paradise where they installed the ranch.

The chosen place shows the excellent taste of its owners: Beautiful mountain foothills are the backdrop for the landscape, and a green savannah with a beautiful selection of flowers, fruits, and trees, many of which are native or endemic to the island. In addition, guests can taste exquisite chocolate made with cocoa harvested in the surroundings, a true pleasure for the most demanding palate. And, to complete the experience, they will be able to delight themselves with a local lunch prepared by expert hands full of love that satisfy the taste of all diners, a necessary energy charge after enjoying our activities full of adrenaline.

After a few years, in 2018, Manuel (Spanish and with extensive hotel experience) and his wife Ilia (Dominican and professional in the tourist service area) became part of the project, receiving “the relay torch” from their owners. Changing from that moment the name to Mega Adventures.

The new management team enriches the project with its youth, dynamism, new ideas, and modernizing part of the processes and digital projection in networks; Andrés is still active and passionate about this project, and he stays active helping in operations and new projects developments.

It is a passion for all of them to work every day for the enjoyment of their guests, and do not be surprised if you see Ilia in the Port, Manuel in the ranch area, and Andrés beautifying the gardens. Do not hesitate to greet them when you see them!


Leading company in the sector through consistent excellence in the quality of our products and services, creating an environment of harmony, solidarity and constant improvement in the area and ecotourism industry. 


  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Community Empowerment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Honesty, integrity & familiarity
  • Innovation

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