Mega Ranch Beans Recipe

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We are glad to hear great feedback from our MEGA RANCH food. And that a lot of you are requesting our recipes.

Here we are sharing our Homemade Dominican style bean recipe:

You take the beans (you can have them natural and boil them with a lot of water for a long until tender, or use an express pot). Or you can buy beans in a can, but we prefer to buy regular beans in the supermarket and put them to tender ourselves.  

How to cook them:

Nothing has measured; our cook could not provide me with quantities; she just used to start adding ingredients according to her ?feelings. ? (remember, she cooks for hundreds of people daily).


Garlic,  Onions, green peppers, winter squash, sage grass, cilantro (better use the wide one), tomato paste, butter or margarine, and ?complete seasoning.?   

Sauté  ALL seasoning in oil, smash and mix until all is well combined.

Add the BEANS (already tenders) and start to sauté, mixing the seasoning with the beans.   

Add water.   

Let it boil,  and add some salt later.   

If you prefer to have them creamier, take some of the squash + some beans, and some water, blend them to make a cream, and add it to the pot?(Not all, just a bit of them to make it creamier).

This is our cook recipe.

Here is a YouTube video of another recipe (close to what she does); maybe with that video (but using the ingredients of our list), you can better understand what we are talking about.

Click here for video

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